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  • Kognet, L.S.T. (Dreamtech Press, 2010)
    CD content with book # E3429.
  • Gopale, Apeksha (AIKTC, 2019)
  • Deitel, P.J. (PHI, 2008)
    CD content with book # E1013.
  • Liberty, Jesse (Pearson Education, 2005)
    CD content with book # E2002.
  • Johnston, Barbara (PHI, 2009)
    CD content with book # E0050.
  • Ghosh, Arun (New Age International, 2005)
    CD content with book # E1541.
  • Cheng, Harry H. (Tata McGraw Hill, 2010)
    CD content with book # E2470.
  • Bodke, Kalpana; Yadav, Pooja Krishna Neeta 12CO17; Patel, Mudra Manhar Bhagwati 12CO05; Srivastava, Sneha Hari Narayan Nisha 12CO16 (AIKTC, 2016-05)
    C2C android application for used books a platform that facilitates exchange of books in the student circle. It is a multifunctional platform wherein the students will be able to search and buy second hand books and sell ...
  • Khan, Tabrez; Ansari, Mohd. Noman (13CO16); Shaikh, Fahad (13CO55); Shaikh, Sadik (13CO57) (AIKTC, 2017-05)
    A Platform where Investigation Officers can analyze Call Detail Record (CDR) and generate the report as a compact file which will have the analyzed useful data. System will also provide social media analysis which is ...
  • Shah, Ubaid; Kazi, Irshad (16ME24); Sanadi, Awees (15ME94); Kazi, Zammam (16ME25); Siddique, Zahoor (18DME54) (AIKTC, 2021-05)
    The Cane is a hand-held device that assists blind or visually impaired people to navigate independently. The smart walking stick helps the blind people toperform navigation and to do their work easily and comfortably. ...
  • Tadavi, Shakil; Ansari, Azim; Khan, Mohd. Asif; Ansari, Amir; Patel, Akram (AIKTC, 2017-04)
    An automotive bumper is an important member for safety point of view. Bumper with Fascia in front most part, are design such that, after an impact car can sustain without damage to vehicle safety systems. The intention of ...
  • AIKTC, KRRC (KRRC, 2018-12)
    New Arrival Journals-1st-15th December,2018
  • AIKTC, KRRC (KRRC, 2018-07)
  • Parkar, Fauwaz; Harbe, Aaquib (12CE66); Shaikh, Arfaat (13CE48) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    Hostels provide budget-oriented, cost-effective, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge, and sometimes a kitchen. Hostels are often cheaper for ...
  • Nalband, Irfan; Qadri, Yahya Sajjad (16CE34); Mohammed, Tabrez Irfan (16CE27); Saud, Malik (16CE24); Shaikh, Aabid (16CE38) (AIKTC, 2020-05)
    Municipal solid waste (MSW) has become a serious environmental problem in major cities all over world. The problem of solid waste also influencing the urban environmental of mumbra city. Therefore, the present study was ...
  • Khan, Yakub; Pathan, Arbaz Ayub (15EE33); Shaikh, Aasif Akbar (17DEE63); Shaikh, Hamza Shakir (17DEE64); Shaikh, Sohel Sattar (17DEE70) (AIKTC, 2020-05)
    Our Power transformer is one of the most critical components for electrical network in power plants. This means that dependability has a big role. At the moment end users allocate resources to power transformer maintenance. ...
  • Sayed, Kaleem; Dalvi, Prasad Satappa (17DEE45); Tandale, Harshada Vijay (17DEE48); Karanjvade, Shubham Ananda (17DEE50) (AIKTC, 2020-05)
    As we know that power system load is increasing day by day as the industrial and commercial load are increasing . In modern power system most of the load is inductive load to compensate this inductive load capacitive load ...
  • Kazi, Tehsin; Sayeed, Guhagarkar Mubeen [14DCES58]; Kazi Danish Abdullah, Danish Abdullah [16DCES68]; Khan, Aslam Nasir [14CES15]; Pugavkar, Puja Dipak [17DCES50] (AIKTC, 2020-05)
    The aim of the study is to develop Pavement Maintenance Management System (PMMS) for four road sections of urban road network (Patiala, Punjab, India) using Highway Development and Management (HDM-4) model. The HDM-4 ...

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