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  • Khan, Yusuf; Ansari, Mohd. Danish Anwar Hussain [16DME125]; Chaudhry, Imran Baitullah [16DME134]; Bargir, Shahrukh Abdul Salam [16DME131]; Ansari, Salman Sajid [16DME128] (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    Looking towards the current scenario of our food production system, one can say how broken it is. As a result we are destroying our health as well as our environ-ment.For that we came up with a new paradigm of precision ...
  • Khan, Yusuf; Ansari, Mohd. Danish A.(16DME125); Ansari, Salman S.(16DME128); Bargir, Shahrukh A.(16DME131); Chaudhry, Imran B.(16DME134) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    Looking towards the current scenario of our food production system, one can say how broken it is. As a result we are destroying our health as well as our environment. For that we came up with a new paradigm of precision ...
  • Thavai, Rahul; Ansari, Mohd. Umar (14DME144); Shaikh, Farhan (13ME106); Pawaskar, Mazhar (13ME101); Khan, Abdul (13ME78) (AIKTC, 2017-05)
    This section is intended for readers who want to gain an understanding of the controlling system, fabrication and basics of amphibious rover and its application in modern field of technology. Amphibious rover is derived ...
  • Qureshi, Arshad Khaja; Khan, Ahraz [15DME147]; Khan, Salman [14ME84]; Ansari, Shahroz [14ME66]; Khan, Nabeel [15DME152] (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    This project deals with movement of an arm by the use of an exoskeleton. an exoskeleton is an external structural mechanism with joints and links corresponding to those of the human body.” In other words, designing the ...
  • Motiwala, Nawaz; Ansari, Maaz (14DME124); Shaikh, Shamnan (13ME51); Salunkhe, Sonal (13ME02); Wadkar, Pooja (13ME03) (AIKTC, 2017-05)
    Energy is the prime source of all socio-economic activities of the human community.. There is an impending need to make much more forays to make Non-Conventional energy attain popular acclaim. This is also very essential ...
  • Shaikh, Salim; Mukadam, Ismail (19CO42); Shaikh, Fuzail (19CO53); Ansari, Mohd Sajjad (19CO61) (AIKTC, 2023-05)
    The current attendance procedure is manual, which is time-consuming for both teachers and students. Manual attendance recording can lead to human errors, and students may have to wait for a long time to be marked present. ...
  • Ansari, Zakir (Paper Presented @ International conference on "Recent Advances and Challenges in Engineering and Management", 2014-04)
    Improvements in quality teaching-learning help in effective concept learning by the students. This has become a mandatory requirement for the institutes providing professional courses like Engineering, Architecture and ...
  • Momin, Zia; Deshmukh, Soban Aslam Khan (16ME19); Khamkar, Bilal Athar (16ME26); Pathan, Tavit Ayub (17DME135) (AIKTC, 2020-05)
    This report discussesthefinaldraftofthechosentopic,which entitled Failure Analysis in the MechanicalSeal.Sealface crack propagationisoneofthemajorcauseswhichleadtothefailureofthe mechanicalsealthereforeanalysesonthese ...
  • Tadavi, Shakil; Ansari, Jabir Zaheer (17DME100); Khan, Imran Shakeel Ahmed (17DME116); Khan, Mansoor Anis (17DME118); Khan, Mohammed Tanvir Kareem (17DME119) (AIKTC, 2020-05)
    The crankshaft is an essential component in reciprocating pump, which is widely used in an automobile and reciprocating pumps. The most common modes of crankshaft failure are fatigue failure. During its operation, the ...
  • Khan, Tabrez; Nagori, Mohd Ali (17CO37); Khan, Mohd Saqibe (19CO30); Khan, Mohd Arham (20DCO05); Khan, Nemat Roshan (20DCO06) (AIKTC, 2023-05)
    With an increase in the standard of living, peoples’ attention gradually moved towards fashion that is concerned to be a popular aesthetic expression. Humans are inevitably drawn towards something that is visually more ...
  • Pathan, Riyaz; Singh, Ashwini (11ET26); Hegiste, Salil (11ET17); Mukri, Arbaz (11ET37) (AIKTC, 2016-05)
    With the development of modern communications, in order to meet the needs of Social development and technological progress the optical fibre communications has become the main communication medium for its high reliability ...
  • Faux tree 
    Upadhyay, Ankur; Salmani, Sohrab (12EE97); Shaikh, Tauquir (12EE102); Ali, Naved (12EE103); Das, Rupesh (12EE114) (AIKTC, 2015-05)
    Trees naturally convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen. But today because of Greed Selfish Humans are cutting trees and forests and on that place we humans are building white cement forest. Thus we humans are not getting ...
  • Dasgupta, Soma (BPB Publication, 2009)
    CD content with book # E4972.
  • AIKTC, KRRC (AIKTC, 2016-08-30)
    To familiarize students with library facility, resources and services; shelve arrangement, how to explore Library Website, WebOPAC, Institutional Repository and QR Service. to acquaint students with basic database searching ...
  • AIKTC, FE (SoET, 2012-03)
    Unit Test I Sem II Question Papers.
  • Negus, Christopher (Wiley India, 2010)
    CD content with book # E7487.
  • Gaikar, Nilesh (AIKTC, 2016-08-03)
    eCourseware material which covers various topics likee example of products of fermentation (microbial, animal and plant), types of fermenters (mechanically stirred, air-lift, tray), design of fermenter, factors affecting ...
  • Agrawal, Govind (Wiley India, 2002)
    Accompanying material with book # E10318 - E10319.
  • AIKTC, KRRC (AIKTC-KRRC, 2013-06-11)
    Purpose/Objectives: To inculcate the reading habits and share the inspirational thoughts.
  • Syed, Zeeshan Ali (AIKTC, 2016-08)
    eCourseware material like PPT Presentation, Lecture Notes, Video, Question Bank for said topic.

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