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  • Qureshi, Tahoora (AIKTC, 2017-09-27)
    eCourseware: Semester VII, B.E. Electrical Engineering
  • Qureshi, Tahoora (AIKTC, 2016-10-11)
  • Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, 2019-04-01)
    A book titled "Denial and Deprivation" being inaugurated in Anjuman-I-Islam's Kareemi library,event focused on social status of muslim community.
  • Pile, John (Laurence King Publishing, 2012)
    CD content with book # A0959.
  • Mhatre, Raj; Shaikh, Shifa Ismail (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    SOS VILLAGE is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation working for the holistic development of parentless children, women and children belonging to vulnerable families. Founded in 1949 in Austria, ...
  • Hule, Shraddha; Ansari, Rushan Ahmed (17DEE40); Chaudhary, Ishtiyaque(17DEE43); Mapari, Maroof (15EE27); Wadkar, Muhammed Kaif(16EE36) (AIKTC, 2020-05)
    The focus areas of this thesis in our group is on various aspects of Electrical, Electronics and Information technology in Home automation system (HAS) with low cost and wireless systems. Application of artificial intelligence ...
  • Kotiyal, Bandanawaz; Baig, Iliyas (12ET15); Muzamil, Muzamil, Chiktay (12ET16); Dalvi, Salahuddin (12ET18) (AIKTC, 2016-05)
    This project presents a design and prototype implementation of new home automation system that uses WiFi technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts. The proposed system consists of two main components; ...
  • Tiwari, Vivek; Kudake, Sahil (13EE42); Ubale, Akshay (14EE44); Mathew, Joel (14EE15); Khan, Nabeel (14EE23) (AIKTC, 2018-05)
    Themainaim oftheprojectistocontrolhomeapplicationsremotelyby usingAndroid-OS-basedsmartphone.Thisisanadvancedtechnologyinthe homeautomation.Usuallyconventionalwallswitchesarelocatedindifferent cornersofahouseand,thusn ...
  • Hule, Shraddha; Suryawanshi, Mahesh (13EE59); Yadav, Prashant (13EE62); Ghadge, Rahul (13EE39) (AIKTC, 2017-05)
    The main aim of the project is to control home applications remotely by using Android-OS-based smart phone. This is an advanced technology in the home automation. Usually conventional wall switches are located in different ...
  • Mhatre, Raj; Chorghay, Aqsa Gufran Almas (AIKTC, 2017-05)
    Wabi sabi is a Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in broken and old things. It expresses that the flaws of its shape is hidden from inspection but embraced with golden significance. It is not simply any mended object ...
  • Khan, Tabrez; Khan, Farhan (19CO27); Khan, Zaki (19CO34); Mulla, Saad (19CO43); Siddiqui, Ehtesham (19CO59) (AIKTC, 2023-05)
    This paper describes the project on the topic of Home Inventory management system, it is a mobile application that is use for the track home inventory. It has a built-in intelligence system that make user work easy. In ...
  • Shaikh, Saad; Mujawar, Anas Noor (18ME66); Obaray, Moahammad Riyaz (18ME70); Momin, Ubaid Abdul (18ME65); Qureshi, Aejaz Shakeel (18ME75) (AIKTC, 2022-05)
    The traditional use of gas stove is not preferable in modern kitchens due to smoke, heat loss, Less efficiency, time consuming for cooking. The traditional gas stoves can not be used for Grilling, roasting and barbequing ...
  • Hospitals 
    Kunders, G.D. (Tata McGraw Hill, 2004)
    CD content with book # A0462 - A0463.
  • Tamboli, Mujib; Shaikh, Afrin Sabir (18ET05); Khan, Mohd Sajid (18ET21); Khan, Rahil (18ET23); Khan, Shahnawaz (18ET24) (AIKTC, 2022-05)
    Hotel Management System is a project that keeps record of hotel application and has facilities for booking, making registrations and generating of payment receipt and entering room hotel rates, meal type, bedding type etc. ...
  • Mhatre, Raj; Khalife, Ariba Bashir (17AR12) (AIKTC, 2022-05)
    This is a book on interpreting narrative architecture in contemporary literature. One of its statements is that the encounter of literature with the built environment is fundamental to the spatial results in terms of a set ...
  • Athavani, Shahin; Shaikh, Meraj Muzammil(18ET40); Shaikh, Rahmat Ali(16ET25); Ansari, Raisuddin(19DET05); Khan, Adil(17ET21) (AIKTC, 2022-05)
    Machine learning plays a major role from past years in image detection, spam reorganization, normal speech command, product recommendation and medical diagnosis. Present machine learning algorithm helps us in enhancing ...
  • Housing 
    Wadikar, Mousami (AIKTC, 2019)
    Subject: Architectural Design
  • Kadam, Abhishek; Rawool, Parag; Kadam, Shraddha (AIKTC, 2019)
  • Qureshi, Arshad; Patel, Labeed (17ME64); Saifi, Nishad (17ME74); Shaikh, Zainuddin (17ME98); Solkar, Umair (17ME100) (AIKTC, 2021-05)
    In this report we discussed about the beautiful concept of automobiles called Hover bike. It is the combination of two automobiles of motorcycle and helicopter. It is a compact vehicle with a simple design which can be ...

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