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  • Urdu Times (Urdu Times, 2018-12-18)
    Haji Aaftab Badshah been awarded for his medical services provided specially for cancer patients.
  • Inquilab (Inquilab, 2015-08-11)
    We express our deepest condolences and sincere supplications on the demise of our beloved Donor, Mentor and Philanthropist of highest order .....
  • Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, 2018-02-12)
  • Urdu Times (Urdu Times, 2018-02-13)
    At the concluding ceremony of Unani Tibbi conclave and exhibition the Vice Chancellor of Maulana Azad University Mr. Zafar Sareshwala and President of Anjuma-I-Islam Dr. Zahir Kazi presented their views.
  • Inquilab (Inquilab, 2018-02-12)
    Saboo Siddik has organized a 6 days Unani Medical Conclave and Exhibition on the 150th Birth Anniversary of Hakim Ajmal Khan.
  • Barry, Cushway (Kogan Page, 2004)
    With book # E9087
  • Khan, Azim; Ansari, Mohd. Yasar Mohd. Ishaque (19DET04); Khopatkar, Mohammed Adeen Rizvan (19DET15); Khan, Mohd. Azam Ahmedali (19DET13) (AIKTC, 2022-05)
    A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology. A cryptocurrency wallet allows users to store and retrieve their digital assets. Crypto ...
  • Joshi, Prabha (AIKTC, 2017-08-08)
    eCourseware material like PPT Presentation, Lecture Notes, Video, Question Bank, etc for Environmental Engineering - I, Sem VI
  • Kotiyal, Bandanawaz; Undre, Mohd Kaif (17ET29); Shaheed Anwar, (16ET12); Shaikh, Afsha (18ET06); Patel, Manal (18ET04) (AIKTC, 2022-05)
    The digital technology era demands the world to provide an excellent health system, in order to ensure the citizen and community to be alive and healthy. This study proposes the application of data mining algorithm for ...
  • Qureshi, Rehaal; Almas, Abdul Rahim (18DCO01); Matte, Mehvish Farrukh (18DCO11); Shirgaonkar, Iffat Salim (18DCO21) (AIKTC, 2021-05)
    Over the past few decades our medical knowledge has increased. More investigative and treatment options are available; as a result our patients are living longer and we are dealing with more chronic conditions. Family ...
  • Desai, Geeta; Mirkar, Naif Shaukat Rahat (17DET50); Naif, Shaukat Rahat (17DET50); Mohammed, Aqib Mohammed Sohel Asiya (17DET52) (AIKTC, 2020-05)
    Cardiovascular disease one of the lethal disease in the world.Around 17 million people lost their life because of Cardiovascular disease.Particularly myocardial infraction, also known as heart attack.Which lead to a ...
  • Ghoshdastidar, P.S. (Oxford University Press, 2010)
    CD content with book # E3583.
  • Shaikh, Rizwan; Hajwane, Yaser (14DME128); Malik, Saquib (14DME132); Shah, Uvais (14DME1370); Shaikh, Naved (14DME139) (AIKTC, 2017-04)
    The experiment on heat transfer enhancement over a surface equipped with square and cylindrical pin fins with cylindrical perforations in a rectangular channel in a staggered manner. The channel has a cross-section of ...
  • Karve, Amruta; Idrishi, Shadab (13ME21); Shaikh, Saquib (13ME49); Chaudhary, Umair (14DME126) (AIKTC, 2017-04)
    Energy and materials saving considerations, as well as economic incentives, have led to efforts to produce more efficient heat exchange equipment. Common thermo hydraulic goals are to reduce the size of a heat exchanger ...
  • Malagi, Mazhar; Ansari, Fahad (13ET12); Shaikh, Faizan (13ET18); Gupta, Deepak (13ET19); Khan, Touqueer (13ET26) (AIKTC, 2017-05)
    Since the population of the world is ageing rapidly, how to provide appropriate healthcare to the elderly and unwell people becomes an important issue and draws high attention from medical, academic and industrial fields ...
  • Shaikh, Saba; Khan, Ashraf Wahid (18PH32); Khan, Naziya Tarannum (18PH40); Khan, Zainab Riyaz (18PH45); Momin, Shifa Irshad (18PH49) (AIKTC, 2022-05)
    In this new era of drug development, the most of the drugs which are Emerging in the market are synthetic one, having a variety of adverse Effects on different body organs mainly on liver. Since These drugs are synthetically ...
  • Shaikh, Abusufyan; Shaikh, Ajaz A. (Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discover, 2012)
    Diabetes mellitus is the most common endocrine disorder, affecting 16 million individuals in the US and 200 million worldwide....
  • Pathan, Siraj; Rakhangi, Rihda (17DET57); Qureshi, Zakaria (16DET113); Kazi, Saqlain (16DET88); Ansari, Shoeb (16DET52) (AIKTC, 2020-05)
    The admittance properties and the resonant length of an inclined slot in the narrow wall of rectangular waveguide are investigated. The internal power storage in evanescent modes in the waveguide, neglected in previous ...
  • Patel, Iftekar; Khan, Sarfaraz (16DEE60); Mansuri, Madni (16DEE64); Khan, Qais (16DEE61); Haji, Altamas (16DEE57) (IOSR Journal of Engineering, 2019)
    The concept of High Altitude Wind Power ( HAWP ) is to supply clean energy at low cost and high capacity factor than the Conventional Wind Power ( CWP ) system. This is one of the new technologies ...
  • Patel, Iftekar; Khan, Mohd.Sarfaraz (16DEE60); Mansuri, Mohd.Madni (16DEE64); Khan, Qais (6DEE61); Haji, Altamas (16DEE57) (AIKTC, 2019-05)
    The concept of High Altitude Wind Power (HAWP) is to supply a clean energy at low cost and high capacity factor than the Conventional Wind Power (CWP) system. This is one of the new technologies deployed for harvesting ...

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